Stretched or Unstretched Prints

Limited Edition Canvas Prints: unstretched/unframed or stretched and ready to hang.

When purchasing limited edition canvas prints the client has the choice between unstretched/unframed canvas prints or canvas prints that have been stretched over heavy duty wooden frames and are ready to hang.

If you wish to have your own framer stretch the canvas print over a wooden frame you should choose unstretched/unframed and your limited canvas print will be sent to you a postal tube. Every canvas print has extra canvas to stretch round the back of the print to ensure it is easy to stretch correctly.  You may also choose this option if you wish to have your canvas print traditionally framed. The advantages of receiving your limited edition canvas print unstretched/unframed in a postal tube is that the postage and handling of unstretched canvases are included in the initial purchase price and Mark will have it delivered to any where in Australia for no extra charge.

The advantage of having your limited edition canvas print delivered pre-stretched over a heavy duty wooden frame is that as soon as you unwrap it you can hang it on your wall.


Banner for bottom of stretched and unstretched canvas cropped