Painting Process

Mark prides himself on the quality of the materials he uses and on completing each painting to a very high standard.

Firstly, Mark stretches a 12 ounce canvas over a heavy duty wooden frame. He then applies between eight and ten layers of gesso to make sure the canvas is extremely smooth. In between, he sands each coat of gesso to make sure each application of undercoat is even.

Mark then paints very thin coats of semi-transparent oil paint to produce the glow of each beautiful seascape or flower painting. Mark prefers to concentrate on one area of the canvas at a time and brings each area to high level of realism before moving on to to complete the remaining sections of the painting.

Painting highly realistic oil paintings is a time consuming process and can take anywhere from a week to a month to produce, depending on the size and complexity of each oil painting.

Once the painting has fully dried, Mark coats it with several thin coats of varnish. These coats will help protect the underlying coats of paint from abrasion or scratches. It also make each painting UV resistant. Each painting is signed on the bottom corner of the canvas  and the title, medium and date are recorded on back of each canvas.

Written demonstrations with step by step progressive photos of a painting in development can be found in several issues of Australian Artist Magazine.

 mark in Studio 25th Jan 2014cropped 2 reduced DSC_0004